The Badger Clan


The Badger Clan, made up of the Ichiro and their vassal families, was a minor clan charged with the defense of the Empire’s northern border. Like their Crab cousins to the south, they are a large, stout people. Also like the Crab, they tend to be Brash and Uncouth.

History said that when the first Hantei watched the Ki-Rin Clan depart through the uninhabited northern mountains he became concerned that a foreign invader could enter unnoticed into his young Empire. While he died shortly afterwards, his son and successor Hantei Genji, shared this worry, so he made sure that the region remained populated by those followers of Shinjo that had remained. With time, however, the followers were pushed out of those lands by the Lion and so they were relocated elsewhere as the Fox Clan. Knowing that the Lion didn’t know the lay of the land, Genji worried again and decided to hold a tournament to create a new minor clan to guard this part of the border. 5

Hantei Genji believed that it would need to be a strong clan so the challenge would be a contest of strength. The duel came down to a wrestling match between the top two contenders for the prize, Hida Domogu of the Crab Clan and Shinjo Mako of the Ki-Rin. Domogu won and Mako became his first retainer. Genji awarded Domogu the Ichiro name and made him the first daimyo of the Badger Clan, independent of the Crab, tasking him with guarding the northern passes of the Empire. 1

And so, in 110 IC, the Badger Clan was born.

The Core Rulebook page with their game mechanics for them is on page 215.

Clan Champion: Ichiro Akitomo

Ichiro Vassal Families

Badger Mechanics Changes

The Badger Clan

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