Banned Mechanics

Core Rulebook:

Anything involving the Bat, Boar, Monkey, Oriole, Ox, Snake, and Spider Clans as none of these clans are active during this time frame. The Boar and Snake Clans were destroyed before 1118, and the other clans have not been formed yet.

The Ujina family of the Hare is also banned as they have not been formed yet. The Toritaka, Kasuga, and Yoritomo are also banned, as the Falcon do not get a family name until they become a part of the Crab, the Tortoise do not earn a name yet, and the Mantis do not get a family name until they ascend to the status of Great Clan. Same with any other books until their foundings.

Within the Great Clans, the Hiruma Bushi School and the Tamori Family and Shugenja School are banned as well. This is because the Hiruma had not reclaimed Hiruma Castle from the Shadowlands yet, so their Bushi school is still lost to them but they do have the Hiruma Scout School. Likewise, the Tamori family and schools/paths had not formed yet because the Agasha had not left the Dragon Clan to join the Phoenix yet.

The position of Amethyst Championship currently sits unattended, and shall continue to for a while to come. The same is true of the Jade Champion, and his Jade Legion and Magistrates currently do not exist. Neither does the Ruby or Turquoise Championships.

The Order of Heroes have not formed yet, so this Brotherhood of Shinsei school is banned as well..

The Book of Air:

Nothing. Everything within the Book of Air is valid in this era.

The Book of Earth:

The Kuni Crystal Masters and Sapphire Strike are banned at this point, as there has been no need to study Crystal magic yet. The Temple of Persistance is banned as well, as it has not been formed either.

The Book of Fire:

The Order of Rebirth has not been formed yet, so it is banned until 1158.

The Book of Water:

Cliff’s Edge Student is banned to the Wasp Clan (Tsuruchi), who’s primary weapon at this time is the Bow. However, the Mantis, who’s main focus are effective weapons for combat aboard ships, can take it as usual.

The Book of the Void:

Nothing in this book is banned.

Emerald Empire:

The Hidden Sword does not exist yet. The Dark Paragons are Banned as the Spider Clan do not exist yet.

Enemies of the Empire:

Everything in this book is banned to Players. During times when the Naga and the Nezumi are active, I might be willing to allow a skilled player take a crack at running one of them. Should anyone wish to RP as Ronin, the Ronin Paths are all legal. Everything else is only for the creation of villains unless I decide otherwise. Then, should a player be willing or request the position, I may grant it depending on their RP ability.

The Great Clans:

No new bans that haven’t been mentioned in any other books, like the Spider Clan.

Imperial Archives:

Anything involving Gaijin, the Snake Clan or the lost minor clans are banned.

Imperial Histories:

All of the Game Mechanics from the Dawn of the Empire. The two paths from the Reign of the Gozoku (Agents of the Gozoku and Agents of the Hantei) do not exist currently. Firearms skill is banned, as only a trusted few historians and Daidoji are allowed to know about them and the new firearms weapons are forbidden upon sentence of immediate death so they are banned too. The People’s Legion ronin path from the Great Famine does not exist during the current era. In the Pre-Scorpion Clan Coup Era, the Soldier of the Three Man Alliance is banned until the Alliance actually forms. After that, it may be taken until it is disbanded. In the Clan Wars Era chapter, the Scorpion Saboteurs does not form until after the Scorpion Clan is disbanded. The Daidoji Harriers are permitted from the beginning og the Campaign. In the Hidden Emperor Era, should this be the Era entered after the Clan Wars, the Nameless ones just start to form, so they are forbidden until then. The Hoshi and Hitomi Families, Hoshi Tsuri Zumi, and Hitomi Kikage Zumi do not exist until then as well. When the families form, so do their schools. Returned Spirit PCs, Anachronisms, Moto Death Priests, and Kitsu Sodan Senzu are banned unless/until this time. Everything about the Heroes of Rokugan Era is banned except for the Ronin Family Names. Of them, every Ronin family except for the Tsume are permitted. The Tsume are still members of the Crane Family during this time. This means that the Tsume Pikemen are not permitted as a Ronin path as well. The Tiger Clan and their school do not exist as the Yotsu have not been granted Minor Clan Status. The Mechanics of the Thousand Years of Darkness are only permitted if the Events of the Clan Wars lead to that era rising to prominence.

Imperial Histories 2:

No mechanic in the Togashi Empire is usable. The Spells of the Reign of the Shining Prince are permitted. Nothing from the Iron Empire is permitted. Nothing from the Heresy of the Five Rings is permitted. Nothing from the Reign of the Steel Chrysanthemum is permitted. The Nemuranai of the Eighth Century Crisises. The Mechanics from the Return of the Unicorn are permitted. If the Shattered Empire be the era entered after the Second Day of Thunder, then all mechanics will be permitted. Either way, the Kaiu Shipmasters alternate path no matter what. With the Four Winds Era, the Item Tears of the Lady Doji exist no matter what. However, the other mechanics only exist if the Four Winds era comes to pass. The same holds true dor the Shadowed Throne, the Destroyer War, and the Age of Exploration. Empire of the Emerald Stars Mechanics are expressly forbidden.

Naishou Province:

Everything is banned in the book except for the Lion Elite Spearmen until/unless the campaign takes the PCs into the Province.

Second City Boxed Set:

Since we are still generations away from colonizing the Ivory Kingdoms (or even their destruction), Everything in this Boxed Set is banned the mechanics revolve around the colonies.

Secrets of the Empire:

The Heritage tables are permitted no matter what happens in game. Unless the Thousand Years of Darkness Era coes to pass, the Legion of Two Thousand school is created after the Second Day of Thunder. The Thousand school is banned as they were destroyed during the Return of the Unicorn. The Order of Isashi, The Order of Five Weapons, their spell: Dart of the Void, and the Generic Ronin School is permitted from the start. The Dragonfly Advisor, Suzume Storyteller, New Weapon: Sling, and Tortoise Killers are available from the start, but the Fuzake Shugenja Basic School and Ox Clan Vigilant Alternate Path are forbidden until their clans are formed. The Shinjo Bushi School may take the Vigilant Alternate Path as well after Shinjo’s return when they start hunting the Kolat within their own ranks. The Satoshi’s Legacy Alternate Path does not exist before the Satoshi Vassal Family, but the Seppun Hidden Guard do. The Barefoot Bretheren Alternate Path exists as well, as does the Order of Peaceful Repose basic school exists presently, as does the Pure Song Shrine and Silent Ones Alternate Paths. All of the Ancestors are permitted as well, except for Hida Heichi, as the Boar are currently believed to be wiped out, along with Toku and Morito Garin, as the Monkey and Ox Clans do not exist yet, and Tsi is currently a Ronin Family Ancestor as the Oriole Clan currently does not exist.

Strongholds of the Empire:

Tsuruchi Swordsman alternate path does not exist until after Tsuruchi himself retires.. The Mechanics in Otosan Uchi are banned until applicable for advantages/disadvantages or the formation of the Spider Clan for Alternate Paths. Except for the Mirumoto Sentinels alternate path, Water Hammer Village mechanics are banned until after the city is built in the 1140’s and the Mechanic becomes Applicable. Toshi Ranbo’s Mechanics are tweaked slightly. The Alternate Paths all remain the same, but the Advantages and Disadvantages apply to Otosan Uchi until/unless it is destroyed, as it is the current Imperial City. Zakyo Toshi’s Mechanics are all permitted, but the City is not Annexed by the Scorpion unil 1170. All of the Appendix Mechanics are as is.

Sword and Fan:

Tsuru’s Legion does not come into existence until 1123, and the Mantis Orochi Riders until 1163.

Banned Mechanics

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